Class Project

The project theme that we will focus on this quarter is geographical and map-related applications.

Thus, geo/map-related features should be at the core of your project idea rather than a supplemental add-on.

Why are geo/maps compelling for project ideas?

  • These apps connect computers to the physical world.
  • This domain forces you to practice interfacing with external APIs such as mapping services, GPS on your phone, accelerometers, data visualizations.
  • This topic allows lots of room for creativity including location-based games (e.g., Pokemon Go), helping people find on-campus resources, connecting to physically-based hobbies (e.g., hiking, rock climbing), and visualizing real-world data.

You will work in a team of four to make a web app either for desktop browsers or mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I build a native mobile app rather than a web app? We strongly prefer web apps, but if you think you can pull off a native app, then go for it as long as your TA approves. However, your TA will probably not be able to help you debug as well, so do so at your own risk.