Welcome to COGS 121!


The objectives of this course are to:

  • give you an opportunity to build a modern web app in a team,
  • get frequent feedback from peers and instructors along the way,
  • practice iterating repeatedly based on this feedback,
  • and reinforce the pedagogical lessons that you learned in COGS120/CSE170 (Intro. to Human-Computer Interaction).

To achieve these objectives, this course will be structured (as its name implies) in a studio format, which will be light on lectures and heavy on hands-on feedback and in-class group work.

The bulk of this course will revolve around developing a modern web application in a team and getting frequent feedback from peers and staff in class. There will be no textbook or exams.

The project theme that we will focus on this quarter is geographical and map-related applications.

The most important prerequisites for this course are:

  • You have already taken COGS120/CSE170,
  • you want to do a lot more web programming,
  • and you have the technical background to pick up necessary programming skills on-demand as your project requires.

The best way to view this course is as a programming-focused sequel to COGS120/CSE170, picking up right where that course left off. Since this is a coding-intensive course, if you did not enjoy the programming labs and assignments in COGS120/CSE170, then you will probably not enjoy this course.

Bring your laptop to each class period if you have one. And start thinking ASAP about potential project partners.