Project Milestone 6

DUE: Wednesday, May 30 at noon

By the time you turn in this milestone, your app should be nearly finalized. The last few days of the quarter should be used to complete your final project write-up and fix any remaining bugs before your final demo.

The main new component you'll need to integrate into your UI is some kind of data visualization that renders the data from your backend (or external API) in a visual form. You can use whatever library or external API you want for visualizations. One simple recommended library is plotly.js.

The grading rubric contains all of the required items to turn in for your write-up and to live demo to your TA. Always consult the rubric!

Finally, fill out a teammate assessment form.

Your TA will grade your milestone in class during your assigned grading day, so plan to come to class then to present your demo. If you do not come to class that day, then your milestone will not be graded.

Grading rubric (15 points)

  1. is present in your project's GitHub repository.
  2. contains screenshots of your latest UI webpages embedded directly within the file.
  3. contains a written explanation of how your UI's screenshots have improved upon the versions shown in
  4. contains screenshots of data visualizations rendered within your app.
  5. contains written explanations of your data visualization screenshots so that a reader can understand what is going on in those visualizations.
  6. You successfully walk through all of the major functionality of your app so far by demoing in-person to your TA (2 points).
  7. Your TA will play the role of a new user seeing your demo for the first time; you can successfully answer questions they ask from the perspective of a novice user (e.g., someone you show this app to in a coffee shop) (2 points).
  8. You successfully demo the data visualizations that are now integrated into your app's frontend.
  9. You can show your TA that your data visualizations are powered by real data and not simply mock-up fake data or snippets from example code.
  10. You can justify your choice of data visualizations to your TA, both in what libraries/APIs you selected and what type of visualizations you chose to create. It's fine to use recommended libraries, but you should think about why you chose to implement certain types of visualizations.
  11. You can walk through all the code you wrote to implement your data visualizations and explain how it works at a high level (3 points).

Frequently Asked Questions

First please check the project FAQ.