Project Milestone 1

DUE: Thursday, April 12 at 11:59pm (note the unusual time)

By this milestone, you will need to have formed your team, set up a public GitHub repository (under any of your team member's accounts) to store your project's code, and created a single Markdown file called at the top level of your repository (not in a subdirectory). This file should contain:

  • Your team name (please pick something memorable but family-friendly and appropriate)
  • All of your team members' names (do not write your PIDs on here since this document is public and indexed by search engines)
  • At least a one-paragraph project proposal describing your team's project idea.
  • Feel free to write down several ideas if you want more feedback from your TA. Only 1 idea is required, but we suggest several if you are unsure of whether they fall within scope of this course's requirements.

Finally, you need to fill out and submit this Google Form before the deadline to let the staff know officially who your team members are and where your GitHub repository is. Please remember to submit the Google Form or else we will not know where to find your GitHub repository.

This is a small milestone, and its goal is to ensure that you have properly formed a team and that you are thinking about project ideas. You will get full credit for completing the above requirements, even if we suggest for you to change your idea.

Please also read our course policy on team formation.

Your TA will give you written feedback on your proposal within 24 hours, by Friday, April 13 at 11:59pm. This way, you will have at least 4.5 days to complete Milestone 2.

You will find your TA's feedback in the GitHub Issues tab within your project's GitHub repository.

Grading rubric (3 points)

  1. You filled out the Google Form properly so that your TA could find your GitHub repository and file.
  2. Your file contains your team name and all members' names.
  3. Your file contains at least one proposal describing your team's idea with enough detail that your TA can give you meaningful feedback. (We encourage you to propose multiple ideas, though.)

Frequently Asked Questions

First please check the project FAQ.